Stupid Reasons to Drink

Let's face it - when you're growing up, you're given lecture after lecture by your elders about the dangers of drinking. You're probably given some statistics, but those really don't hit home (you'd think parents would have remembered their own lectures from their elders!). However, the reality hits home if somebody you know has had health issues because of their drinking, or worse yet, you know somebody that was killed or injurd in an alcohol-related traffic accident. Unfortunately, these types of things happen all the time around the world where people drink. Below we have tried to list the harsh realities of drinking.

The reality is that in most US states, Canadian provinces and most places around the world, you'll pay large fines and likely lose your license for driving under the influence of alcohol, even if you haven't gotten into an accident. Hundreds of studies, and of course real-world experience, have shown that driving under the influence of alcohol (an other drugs, for that matter) drastically increase your chance of getting into an accident. However, no amount of pressure from your elders will convince you - you need to know the facts and decide for yourself.

So, without further ado, here is our list of stupid reasons to drink:

  • Drinking alcohol makes you feel like a grown-up - If anything, you should try to avoid this type of behavior, because often adults drink to drown their miseries and forget their responsibilities. If you think about it, it's kids that don't have responsibilities, so in essense, adults that drink to avoid their responsibilies are trying to feel like children again! Thus, drinking to feel grown-up is actually quite silly, because you're imitating childish adults, and THAT should not make you feel like an adult!
  • Drinking removes inhibitions - This might sound good in theory, but how funny is it when you do or say things that you regret (it happens to everybody, but really, why should it happen to you!). But unfortunately, when your inhibitions result in sexual conduct (which is often a goal), you're much more likely to end up with an STD or unwanted pregnancy. Studies show you'll enjoy the experience less too!
  • Drinking to Forget Problems and Responsibilities - No matter how much you drink, any problems you had before drinking will likely be there when you get sober...and you'll likely have even more issues to deal with (see above).
  • Drinking to be cool - You might think you're being cool when you're drinking, but the reality is you're really acting like a jackass. As a little experiment, try hanging around your drunk friend when you're sober. You'll likely see that alcohol is making asses out of your friends.
  • Drinking because of peer pressure - See above - and besides, a friend who pushes you into drinking and other drugs probably isn't a great friend in the first place.
  • Drinking out of curiosity - Drinking, like other drugs, loses its thrill. It's this fact that that causes people to develop drinking problems - when it starts to lose the "thrill", they drink more and more to find that elusive "enjoyment"...and this often stops people from finding pleasure from other things.

Besides the above, here are other side-effects of alcohol:

  • Drinking causes hangovers - At least when drunk in excessive quantities, is it really fun spending the day in bed with your head pounding, throwing up over the side of your bed (hopefully into a garbage can!)?
  • Drinking makes you feel confident - ...even when you have no control. Have you ever noticed you're more likely to take a tumble and have accidents when you're drunk? Is that something to feel confident about?
  • Drinking affects your memory - Do you really want your friends telling you about the stupid things you did the night before? Besides that, it affects your brain in other ways too.
  • Drinking is terrible for your body - Besides leading to weight gain, alcohol affects a number of different body parts - check out the effects of alcohol on your body here.

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