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There are a number of blood alcohol calculators avaiable online. For your convenience, we have provided our own blood alcohol calculator as well as links to a number of other blood alcohol calculators. If you would like to add to your blood alcohol calculator to our list, feel free to contact us at info AT bloodalcohol.info (formatted for spam protection).
  • Total Consumption (Beer ~ 12 oz. Wine Glass ~ 4 oz. 1 Shot ~ 1.5 oz)
  • Your Body Weight (lbs)
  • Alcohol % in Drink (Beer ~ 4-4.5% Wine ~ 10-12% 1 Shot ~ 30-50%)
  • Time Since Drinking Began (Hours)

* Warning: This is simply a guide. Do NOT make a decision to drive based on the numbers calculated! *

Fluid Ounces Consumed Your Weight (lbs) % Alcohol Hours Consuming Drinks
BAC Percentage BAC Analysis

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