Signs of Alcoholism

If a loved one is believed to be an alcoholic there are several signs that you can look for. It is best to not just confront them because they can get defensive and often alcoholics can have drastic mood changes. Alcoholism can occur in young adults just as easily as it can occur in adults, there is no age limit to it.

In young adults the signs of alcoholism can be the same as those for adults, but may be easier for parents to notice. The teen may drink alone or in secret, which could be hard to discover. They may also forget conversations or plans that have been made. They may also lose interest in their hobbies or other activities that they once enjoyed as it may interfere with their drinking schedule. It becomes easier for them to hide their habit if they are not around others, too. Irritability is also common if they are unable to get a drink when the need to drink arises.

In adults the signs of alcoholism can be more out in the open and can be easier to pinpoint. The person may not be able to limit the number of drinks that they consume. They may often make a point to have a drink before, during and after a meal and get upset when questioned or told to refrain from drinking so much. They may also take to hiding their alcohol in random places so that no one will tell them to limit or stop their drinking. After a prolonged period of drinking, the size and number of drinks it takes them to feel the effects of alcohol will increase. The person may also have trouble with their finances and relationship problems due to their alcoholic state.

Signs of alcoholism can vary from person to person, making it very difficult to pick up on. If the person is having trouble in school or with their finances, it is easy to think that they are just stressed. But by knowing what to look for, it can become easier to pick up on the signs of alcoholism in both young adults and adults. It can be harder to pinpoint in young adults because they realize that as a minor it is wrong to drink and will go to great lengths to hide their habit. In adults it can be easier to pinpoint, but can be just as difficult to help them.



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