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The best way to estimate your blood alcohol concentration, without the use of a breathalyzer, is by the use of charts that have been developed to serve as a general guide to blood alcohol concentration. Keep in mind, these charts are made for the general population - everybody reacts differently to alcohol, so factors like general health and the body's metabolism will have a significant affect, and can therefore cause quite a variance.

Those prone to higher blood alcohol concentrations are:

  • Individuals in poor health, especially those with poor livers
  • Females, especially those with low body weight
  • Males with low body weight

The reason why females and low-body-weight males are prone to higher blood alcohol concentration is because they will generally have less blood volume to dilute the alcohol, as well as a lesser capacity to break the alcohol down in the same amount of time as a male or heavier female.

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NB: The charts you will be using are only guides. Do not use information from this chart to decide whether to drive after drinking! The safest blood alcohol concentration for driving is zero!

Using the blood alcohol concentration chart to calculate your estimated blood alcohol content requires four pieces of information - your gender, your weight, how many drinks you have had and how much time has elapsed since your first drink. The charts differ for males and females, so click the appropriate link below.

Female Blood Alcohol Concentration Chart

Male Blood Alcohol Concentration Chart



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