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As with most other personal issues, alcohol rehabilitation usually starts with the alcoholic realizing that he or she has a problem. If you are an alcoholic reading this, chances are that you have taken a step in the right direction - good for you! While it may be a long road to full recovery, you have taken the most important step in the process - realization that you need alcohol rehabilitation.

Alcohol rehabilitation is not easy, but neither is being an alcoholic. Alcoholism does not just affect the alcoholic - alcoholism can profoundly affect everybody around the alcoholic, including family, friends, workmates and even the general public, in extreme cases. Alcoholics also have an increased probability of disease - see How Alcohol Affects Your Body and How Alcohol Affects Your Brain for more information.

Alcoholics who would like to reform have two streams of alcohol rehabilitation from which to choose:

  • Self-help alcohol rehabilitation
  • Medically-treated alcohol rehabilitation



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